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How to Solve Windows detected a hard disk Problem

How to Solve Windows detected a hard disk Problem

Window has detected a hard disk problem.How to Solve Windows detected a hard disk Problem – A hard disk is a part of a computer unit. It is also called as hard drive, hard disk drive or simply disk drive. Hard Disk is used to store and provide quick access to large amount of data.

It provides data on an electromagnetically charged surface. Today computer comes with hard disk that contain billions to trillions byte of storage.

Mechanism to check failure of hard disk.

Windows comes with inbuilt feature to check hard disk and report the error. If unexpected error occurs, then windows detects the problem. User gets the following message.

Windows detected a hard disk problem. Back up your files immediately to prevent information loss, and then contact computer manufacturer to determine if you need to repair or replace the disk.

This is a pop up message. If user faces such issue then follow the steps.

  • Back up your files and follow the instruction.
  • Do not disable this warning message. This is an alert message of user’s hard disk failure.

Window has detected a hard disk problem.

This may be related to hardware or connection. Before meeting a technician we must try to troubleshoot the issue.

  • Turn off the Diagnostics using GPEDIT or REGDIT or SMART check using BIOS setting.
  1. Run Disk Error Check utility.
  • To manually run a Disk error Check Utility. Follow the steps.
  • Close all application and open file explorer. It contains a list of drives.
  • Scan all drives one by one.
  • Right Click on Drive and Select Property.
  • In tab tools, click on check in error checking.
  • Click on Scan Drive.

It will help windows to check for system error disk and resolve it. If some file in partition is in use then the scan will execute on restart.

  1. Use Storage Diagnostic Tool.

  • User can use storage diagnostic tool in windows 10. It is used to collect and analyse storage issue. It helps in troubleshooting Hard disk Diagnostic issue.
  • This tool collects all storage and file system. It also collects data and diagnostic logs and output them in a folder.
  1. Using WMIC.

  • This tool is used to check health of our hard disk health. User can use WMIC or Windows Management Instrumentation Command Line.
  • It simplifies the use of WMI Windows management Instrumentation.
  • With WMI user can accomplish various administrative tasks.
  1. Using 3rd party Free Hard Disk Checker.

  • Windows comes with inbuilt disk error checking scanner. It offers a lot of command line option.
  • It scan the hard drive for error and bad sectors.
  • If the error persists on the screen. It means windows is unable to repair itself.
  • Both the disk and operating system tries to detect the problem.

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