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How to Solve WI-FI Problems in Window 10 PC

How to Solve WI-FI Problems in Window 10 PC

How to Solve WI-FI Problems in Window 10 PC – If your Window 10 PC Wi-Fi is not working or just slow down, then there is no need to frustrated and get tense. What you need to do is to follow some steps or tools to counter the Wi-Fi error. There are different types of settings which exists in Window 10 Wi-Fi system. But you have to follow things step by step, which are mentioned in this article. In order to fix the WIFI problem, first try the basic steps. If problem persists follow the advanced steps, which are elaborated below.

The Types of Problem which generally occurs in WIFI

  1. Wi-Fi icon do not show connected.
  2. Cant connect to Wi-Fi from everywhere in your house
  3. Internet is too slow.
  4. Fluctuation of Connections

Basic steps to Fix WIFI errors in Window 10 PC

  1. Make sure Wi-Fi is on.
  2. Make sure the physical Wi-Fi switch on your laptop is turned on.
  3. Turn off Airplane mode if it is on.
  4. Move closer to the access point (Router)
  5. Use the network troubleshooter – Accessibility Path – Go to Start> Setting>Network & Internet > Status > Network Troubleshooter under Change your network settings.

Advanced Steps to Fix Wi-Fi Problems in Window 10 PC

  1. First of all identify the problem you have with Wi-Fi. This will help out to know what to do next.
  2. After Identifying the Problem go through the correction method.
  3. Check the Wi-Fi Connection Icons. The good shape represents you are connected to internet. Yellow shape represents connected to Wi-Fi but not connected to Internet. This type of error may be from Router or access point.
  4. Check Wi Fi Drivers and Settings in Window 10 – Check for latest driver which must be installed. Then restart the computer. Go for wireless driver settings and check wireless mode setting which must matches the capability of the network you are trying to connect to.

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