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How to Solve Video_TDR_Failure Graphics error

How to Solve Video_TDR_Failure Graphics error

How to Solve Video_TDR_Failure Graphics error – Over the years, there has been a significant increase in the performance of Graphics related to Images and videos. The technology that meant for controlling the graphics is the graphical processing unit (GPU). The main aim of GPU is to lessens the work of CPU and produce a smooth, reliable and faster videos or graphics. It meant same for multimedia games which are popular nowadays.

This error is generally seen due to abnormal installation of graphics driver file atikmpag.sys, nvlddmkm.sys or igdkmd64.sys. The Video_TDR_Failure error halts the normal function of graphics card driver which eventually stops responding. The stop error screen displays the file name depending on your graphics card that is responsible for the error. If you are using a graphics card (AMD or ATI) then the error file seen would be atikmpag.sys. There are two unique methods which would resolve the error explained below.

Procedure to Solve Video_TDR_Failure error in Windows—

  1. Firstly, Reinstall the Graphics Driver using by default –

Open Windows 10 in Safe Mode. Then open Device Manager from settings. Navigate to Display Adapters Section and expand it. Right click and choose Uninstall device open from the drop down menu. You need to checkmark on Delete the driver software for this device and click on Uninstall. Now restart your computer in normal mode. Then Install the latest version of driver using the option – Scan for hardware changes.

How to Solve Video_TDR_Failure Graphics error

  1. Secondly, You need to Change the Graphics Settings of Intel HD Graphics –

If you are using Intel Graphics read the steps to overcome error. Go to System tray and click on Intel HD Graphics. Now go to Graphics Properties and select 3D settings on Control panel window.

  • Click on Enable under Application Optimal mode.
  • Click on Use Application Settings under Anti-Aliasing
  • Turn off Conservative Morphological Anti-Aliasing
  • Go to General settings and click on Balance mode.

How to Solve Video_TDR_Failure Graphics error

Now go to Graphics Control panel and perform.

How to Solve Video_TDR_Failure Graphics error

  • Go to Video settings
  • Then go to Standard Color Correction and click on Application settings
  • Click on Application settings under the Input range.
  • Now click on save profile and apply.
  • Finally Restart your Computer and check if problem is solved.

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