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How to Solve VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR in Window 10

How to Solve VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR in Window 10

How to Solve VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR in Window 10 – This error is generally occurred after you Update your Windows 10 operating system. The “VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR” error is closely related to error code like 0xD80310B0, x05F6C614D, 0x680B871E or 0x96D854E5. All these groups of error indicate that the Microsoft DirectX graphics kernel subsystem has detected a problem. This article will help you a lot in resolving this Graphics based error codes. The user need to follow each step accordingly in order to solve the issue.

How to Solve VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR in Window 10

The error window looks blue in color with a clear message “Your PC ran into a problem and need to restart. We’re just collecting info, and then we’ll restart for you. (100% Complete). If you’d like to know more, you can search online later for this error.

Procedures to resolve VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR in Windows 10:

  1. Download DirectX – The user need to download latest version of DirectX software on to their Windows successfully.
  2. System File Checker – The system file checker tool will search for changes in registry keys and system files. If this tool detects any changes, then it can restore the original file itself. The error may appear due to recent changes done by any software or drivers. Run it and check whether problem is solved.
  3. Clean Boot State Troubleshooting – Starting your PC in Clean Boot state can confirm that issue exists in third party involvement. Clean booting starts your computer will all non-Microsoft process, Startup and services. You can counter the fatal error with clean boot state manually.
  4. Either Reinstall or Update the Graphics Driver – Here there are two options available to work on. A user can check each of them to resolve the fatal error code. First of all, uninstall the Graphics Driver available in your computer and install it again. Check if problem is solved. If problem persists go for update option. To update the driver, user need to follow few steps onto their Computers. Open the Device Manager and maximize the window as well. Navigate cursor to Display adapters option and expand it to sub options. Right click the driver available there and click on Update driver. Follow the instructions and complete the update. Check if problem is solved.

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