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How to Setup Windows Defender Schedule Scan

How to Setup Windows Defender Schedule Scan

How to set up Windows Defender Scheduled Scan – The Windows Defender Antivirus is an excellent tool which can be managed to scan your computer automatically at a time and frequency chosen by the user. This scan will keep your computer safe and virus free all the time. In this article we will explain how to set up this Windows Defender Scheduled Scan on you PC. The steps to Setup or manage windows defender antivirus is given below.

How to Setup Windows Defender Schedule Scan

Procedure to Schedule a Scan in Windows Defender Antivirus

Step 1 – Search for Schedule tasks and Open it. A Window will open which shows you all task scheduled library.

Step 2 – Expand Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Windows and scroll down and double click the Windows Defender folder present there.

Step 3 – Now at the top centre pane of the Window, double click on “Windows Defender Scheduled Scans.

Step 4 – In the Properties of Windows Defender Scheduled Scan Properties window select the Triggers tab and go to bottom of the window and click on New.

Step 5 – Now set out your schedule according to your choice and start the system to check if it is properly working.

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