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How to Send Blocked Files via Gmail

How to Send Blocked Files via Gmail

How to Send Blocked Files via Gmail – We send and receive lots of messages & attachments using mailing service on internet. Today, Gmail is one of the superior choices for email services used by us. But there is a limitation on sending attachments with extension like EXE, DLL, DMG, VB, CMD, BAT, JAR, VBS, JSE, PIF, VXD, JSE, APK, INS, SCT, MSI. Whenever we send such files using Gmail, it will show an error message like “Blocked for security reasons“.

Google restricts such move for security reasons. It prohibits sending of not supported file formats added above. What to do this time? There may be chances of sending files after encrypting it to RAR/ ZIP files. But it is not fruitful all the time. Gmail restrict it with a strange reason too. So, what will be the right step here? Don’t Worry! We have perfect solution for this. There are three best solutions to send a blocked file on Internet. You need to read them properly. Follow the one which suits you best.

How to Send Blocked Files via Gmail

Procedures to Send Blocked Files on Internet/ Gmail

Procedure1: Change Extension of Blocked Files

Procedure2: Remove Blocked File from Attachments

Procedure3: Share Blocked Files Via OneDrive Application

How to Send Blocked Files via Gmail

Procedure1: One of the best ways is to rename it with a new file format duly supported by Gmail. Suppose you have a file named Text.exe, which is an executable file. Now you need to rename it as Text.jpeg. You may rename with any other supportable file format. Now, encrypt the file into a RAR archive. After encrypting it into RAR send it via Gmail to the recipient.

Before performing such renaming you must contact recipient about it. The recipient needs to extract the zip file using WinRAR. After decrypting rename it with the original file format.

Procedure2: If lots of files are sending in bunch, it is good to choose the blocked file from it. Either remove or delete it from the bunch. Encrypt the entire file which are supportable and send it. This procedure is perfect when removing blocked files do not hamper the entire work.

Procedure3: This procedure is good when you wish to escape the renaming and choosing an odd one out (Say Procedure 1 & 2). You need to download an application called OneDrive App from Microsoft Store for free. Before downloading the App, you must encrypt the blocked file using WinRAR. Now Download and launch the App. Drag and drop the RAR file from File Explorer to Onedrive. Right Click on RAR archive and select Share Link option.

Copy the available URL and sent it to you friend (Say recipient). Now your friend may click on the link. Click on link will project to the File location in OneDrive App. Finally, files can be downloaded from the location without any issue.

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