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How to Save Instagram stories to PC or Phone

How to Save Instagram Stories to PC or Phone

How to Save Instagram stories to PC or Phone – We have used Instagram application and know that it has released the “Stories” feature previously. But there is no any option to download those stories from the interface. But if you want to download or save those stories we have few options available. You can download stories and read them with your phone or desktop later. As we know that Instagram stories gets deleted after 24 hours of releasing. In this article we have discussed three tools to download Instagram stories to PC/ Mobile.

Tools to download Instagram stories to PC or Phones

  1. Weinstag – This is a wonderful tool to download the stories. The user must have the Instagram username to find out all the live stories. Just enter the username on official website and click on Download Instagram Stories button. Here you can find out all the stories whenever you want to download a story. You need to hit the Download Button.
  2. Storiesig – This is also an awesome tool to download the Instagram stories. In this case it is possible to download all the live stories in Standard video format (MP4). User must have the Instagram username to find the stories and download them. There is no need to install any browser extension. Just visit the official website and enter the username. After navigating profile picture, you will the see the option to download the stories.
  3. Zasasa – It is different from the above tools. Instead of entering the username, you have to insert the full profile URL to find out current live stories. So get the URL and enter the official website . Now enter the URL of video and click on Download button there. After sometime you will have all the stories on screen. There is one advantage of using this tool i.e. You can download stories in different resolution as per requirement.

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