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How to Restart Graphics Card

How to Restart Graphics Card

How to Restart Graphics CardHow to Restart Graphics Card- Graphic card is one of the most important feature of windows 10. It helps in smoother functioning of users system. Due to lack of graphic card our system sometimes malfunctions. I.e. it becomes black or won’t work according to our expectation. There are many other results of lacking Graphics card. I.e. Screen Frozen, Keyboard and mouse input etc. In windows 10 we can restart our graphics card on our own. In this article we will learn how to restart the Graphics Driver by our self.

How to Restart Graphics Driver.

Do not panic if your system flickers while restarting Graphics Driver. To restart, follow these steps.

  1. Using Computer Shortcut.

User needs to press Win+Ctrl+Shift+B on the same instance in our Windows keyboard. While restarting the system goes for a update and hence it will flicker for a second or two. If this technique don’t works then check whether the Windows key is off or on.

  1. Remove and Update the Graphics Driver.

If our monitor is still not working then it might be possible that our driver would have been corrupt. Then user need to uninstall the older one and install latest version. Sometimes the older version are not compatible with the system and hence gets corrupted.

There are two ways to perform it. Through Device Manager or through automatically update option. To update manually follow these steps.

Open the Device Manager and press enter to run prompt. Check for Display adaptors and expand it. Select the adapter and click on uninstall and Restart the computer. Else select the Automatically Update Driver Option.

  1. Uninstall using Control Panel.

Nvidia has a control panel that helps its user to manually customize few display setting.

Search for Control panel and open it. Type programme and Feature and click on Add or Remove Programme. Select the Driver and Uninstall it.

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