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How to Reset Folder View in Windows

How to Reset Folder View in Windows

How to Reset Folder View in WindowsHow to Reset Folder View in Windows- The latest version of windows 10 is v1803. It is one of the most easy platforms to customize its folder view. User can set out his folder view setting as per his needs.
A user can change view of folder like grid, list, large, medium, small icons etc. it gets changed automatically after some time or whenever user gets any update. User can adjust it manually.
User can reset the folder view setting. Resetting will include sorting order of files, view mode, grouping of files etc. every version of windows lets its user to sort its files.
In this article we are about to discuss on resetting of folder view. User can reset the files using File Explorer or through Windows Registry.

Resetting Folder View through File Explorer.

Press WIN+E together to open File Explorer. Click on File in Top menu.
Select “Change folder and search option”.
It will open a file explorer option box.
Click on View tab.
Click on Reset Folder. It will reset all folders to their default setting.
User can also adjust the option manually. In the advanced option tab option. It is done by checking and unchecking all the checkboxes.
After performing this click on Apply. The folder is changed successfully.
To change folder setting in windows 7.  Follow these steps.
Click on toolbar and click on organize. Select folder and search option. Select the desired option and click on apply changes.

How to reset folder view using Windows Registry.

Open Registry editor. To open registry editor press CTRL+R and type Regedit.exe

Look for the following key.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell

Now delete bags and BagMRU subkeys.
Exit the Registry editor. Restart your PC to apply changes.

How to set default folder view for all folders.

There is a different type of folder view in folder layout view. User can use different folder view for different folders. Windows can also set folder view depending in the nature of folder.

How to set a folder view for all folder.

Once user has generalized the folder view for a folder template. Every time user changes the layout of file icons. The same will be reflected in the other folder as well. That is optimized for the particular folder.

Open File Explorer. To open it press WIN+E.
Move to folder which we wish to use as source folder to view layout setting.
Move to view tab in ribbon bar.
Change the setting as per his requirement. User can also adjust column, width, can add extra panes etc.

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