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How to replace the name what Cortana calls you

How to replace the name what Cortana calls you

How to change what cortana calls youHow to replace the name what Cortana calls you – In most window PCs, a cloud based personal assistant called Cortana is always with the User to help as virtual assistant. The features of Cortana depends upon the configuration of PC & Cortana version being used. The virtual assistant helps their user to search content in Window device and web. It can help user during their work like calculation, translation, set alarms and other. It ask user permission to access data for performing certain tasks. The user can decide or manage the permission granted to Cortana.

An intimate features of Cortana is that it calls user with their name, Specified in Microsoft Account. The user can change the name what Cortana will call upon.

Procedure to Change the name that Cortana Calls me

  1. Enter Win+S and select the Notebook Icon in Home button
  2. Then click on “About Me” and select “Change My Name”.
  3. Now change the name what you want Cortana to Call you
  4. Then Press Enter Key.
  5. Now click on Play button to check if Cortana say new name well.
  6. Then click on Sounds Good if Cortana tells you by correct name and you are done.

    Alternatively, we can rename Cortana and use any other name to tell her using MyCortana app. When Microsoft account is logged in, Cortana uses the data from the system to work out.

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