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How to repair font cache memory in Windows 10

How to repair font cache memory in Windows 10

How to repair font cache memory in Windows 10How to repair font cache memory in Windows 10 – Whenever we start Computer the fonts will automatically set and appear in all the sections of the Computer screen. But if this font faces any problem then it will not rendered properly & display invalid characters on your Windows 10 computer. Since windows creates a cache for the fonts so that they can load faster every time you start a program. But the problem occurs due to the corruption of this font cache memory. The unique solution to this problem will be resetting, clearing & rebuilding the Font cache.

Procedure to repair font cache memory in windows 10

Go to start custom search and type services.msc and press enter to open the Windows Services Manager. Navigate to Windows Font Cache Service and double click on it to open its properties box. Now stop the service and disable it. The Windows Font Cache Service optimizes the performance of applications by caching commonly used font data.

Perform same operation with Windows Presentation Foundation Font Cache, Stop & Disable it. The Windows Presentation Foundation Font Cache service will optimize the performance of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application by caching.

How to repair font cache memory in Windows 10

To make Windows show hidden files & folder open the File Explorer. Then manually navigate to the following location –


Now press Continue if it is asked. Delete all .dat file starting with FontCache. Now open the Font cache folder and delete all its contents.

If in case you are unable to delete some files then restart the computer and try again. User had disabled both the services so they will not start and you will be able to delete all the rest files.

After deleting the files, you must enable both the services and start them via services manager.

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