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How to Remove Personal Data from Cortana

How to Remove Personal Data from Cortana

How to Remove Personal Data from CortanaHow to Remove Personal Data from Cortana –  Cortana is as a Personal Assistant for users. It comes with Windows 10. It helps users to search anything as per his needs and also performs other functionality apart from is said that Microsoft also receives information from it to improve its plan like Voice Search, interest and other data.

In this article we are going to explain how to remove personal information from Cortana.

If user has never used Cortana then user can enable it. Follow these Steps.
Click inside taskbar Search Box. Cortana Setting box will appear. Click ON the toggle button to enable it. It will also provide the suggestion of ideas, remainders and many more functionality.
User can also enable or Disable the information. For this scroll down and user will get a option stating ON or OFF.

If user disabled this notification option and wish to enable it in near future. Follow these steps. Click on hamburger menu and then on Notebook and Setting option. If user has enabled Cortana, then there will be an option stating I agree to Proceed. Click Next. After performing such operation a privacy setting app will occur. Click on the desired option.

Steps to Remove Personal Information.

First, user has to sign out from Cortana. In this all our information will be lost so save a copy before so.
Click on Search bar and Switch to Notebook.
Select the profile in which users Microsoft account has been associated. Click on the Profile and Sign out.

Steps to Clear Cortana Data from PC.
Click on Setting App. Move to Cortana.
Click on Permission and History. Click on Clear Button My Device History.

Steps to clear Data from Cloud Memory.

Open the Setting and move to permission and History of Cortana. Click on Change what Cortana Knows about me in the could on the right. It will open a new page. Click on Clear Button.

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