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How to Remotely Access your Computer from Mobile Device?

How to Remotely Access your Computer from Mobile Device?

How to Remotely Access your Computer from Mobile Device?Remotely access means the files are used or downloaded from remote computer. The host machine wants to access data from other machine which was located far across the world. Suppose you are travelling with your mobile phone and want to access your computer data which was left at home, then computer data or file can be accessed or browser with the help of one free application or app. Which will be discussed in this topic? How to Remotely Access your Computer from Mobile Device?

How to Access Computer data remotely by Mobile Phone?

What is Polkast App?

The Polkast is a free app which will create a personal cloud of your data in computer so that is can be accessed by you with the help of Mobile phone remotely. So any file on your computer you want to share via Polkast can be remotely accessed from any mobile phone or tablet used by User. So don’t worry you are not required to carry all the data of computer with you while travelling or spending your vacation somewhere. This app support both Android and iOS Platform.

What is Remote Computer?

A Computer which is situated far from the user but can be accessed by the user wherever he/she want is known as remote computer. This concept is applicable in Polkast Application.

How to use Polkast App?

There are some steps to use Polkast App in your computer and Mobile phone. These steps are elaborated in simple language below.

What is Polkast Client App?

What is Polkast Server App?

Step – 1: Open your browser and type and download both Server and Client Version of Polkast, which is totally free.

Step – 2: So we get 2-software one is Client Version Polkast and other is Server Version Polkast. You need to install Polkast Server app on your computer and then register your own unique account. Then you are required to choose the file or folder which can be remotely accessed via Polkast client app.

Step – 3: Then Client Version of Polkast is to be installed in your Mobile phone or tablets. Once you start Polkast on your mobile phone or tablet, it will ask you to log on to your Polkast account. After you are logged in to your Polkast account, it will automatically search your personal cloud or Server (your computer) and connect it easily.

Step – 4: Then the app dashboard will appear on the screen and it will allow you to remotely access, browse, search, download and steam files from your home based (Server) computer.

So no matter where you are and how long we access the remote computer, as long as you have internet access you can access your remote files. This is all about How to Remotely Access your Computer from Mobile Device?

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