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How to Recover Lost Files after Updating Window 10

How to Recover Lost Files after Updating Window 10

How to Recover Lost Files after Updating Window 10 – In Windows Operating System new features are always added at regular intervals. The users need to update or download new features to remain up-to-date in this technical world. And during updating your Window 10 PC sometimes an issue generally generates i.e. you may have trouble in finding your Old/ Existing files. Now we brings before you the technique or method or troubleshooting steps, which when applied proved to be fruitful in eliminating your problems. We have mainly four options to look after. These are ————-

  1. Check if you’re signed in with a temporary profile – In this step, a user has to signed out and sign back in to eliminate the problem.

    Path & Procedure: —-

    Start> Settings> Accounts> Sync your settings> a message appears saying – “You are logged on with a temporary profile. Roaming options are currently unavailable”> Restart Your PC and Sign Back in.

    This will remove the temporary log in and your files should be available again. Now if you restart your PC then it will be more beneficial.

  2. Using Search Box find the desired files – In this method a user has to check the desired file in search box. If user didn’t find them, use troubleshooting method to fix the problem.

    Path & Procedure —-

    1. Type “indexing” on search box to find Indexing Options.
    2. Then click on Indexing options. Now click the advanced button to check more options.
    3. Then Select the Troubleshoot search and indexing link and follow the steps.
  3. Now if your lost file didn’t find out, you are required to restore them from backups. There are two options to do so –
    1. Select Start> Settings> Update & Security > Backup> Select Backup and restore (Window 7) option> now select Restore my files and follow the instructions over there.
    2. Alternatively, a user can recover file by creating a new one with the same name and file type. Then select properties and click on previous versions tab and choose the file version for restoration.
  4. Windows 7 Administrator Account – The user has to enable Microsoft account if it is disable. And sign in again to see your lost files. This can be done through ……..
    1. Type “Computer Management” in your search box and select the same.
    2. Now check “local Users and Groups” and select Users. If administrator is disabled, then enable it by clicking on properties followed by Account is disabled box, then click apply to enable the account
    3. Then Sign out and sign back in again using admin account.

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