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How to recover lost files after update to Window 10

How to recover lost files after update to Window 10

How to recover lost files after update to Window 10 – Sometimes after updating PC to Window 10 we may have trouble for finding old files existing in our system. We may find those lost files using few methods or procedures which are explained below. There are mainly four methods to accomplish this task.

Procedure to find lost files after updating to Window 10
1. First look for the files using Search option

If you don’t find your file by it use troubleshooter to fix problem with search. Type indexing on the search box and select Indexing options. Then select advanced button to view more options and select the Troubleshoot search and indexing link.

More searching problems might me hidden view. To fix it enter show hidden files and folders under search box. In hidden files and folders select show hidden files, folders and drives.

Another one might be mistake related to type or extension of file. If you have to find word document then search for *.doc and music file search for *.mp3. If problem persists try for another procedure.

2. Check if you are signed in with a temporary profile

Path & Procedure – Start > Settings > Accounts > Sync your settings. Now if you see a message “You are logged on with a temporary profile. Roaming options are currently unavailable” then restart your PC and sign in again.
3. Restore lost file using backup & restore properties.

Path & Procedure – Start > Settings > Update & Security > Back up > Select Backup and Restore (Window 7)>Select Restore my files and obey the instructions as per wizard or screen.
4.  At last enable a window 7 administrator account

See if your Microsoft Administrator account is disabled. You are required to enable this account and sign in again to see your files. This problem can be fixed through following few steps.

In search box, type computer management and select computer management app> Local Users and Groups > Select Users> If account is disabled then double click the admin icon> Properties> Check box – Accounts is disabled > select Apply to enable the account. After enabling sign out the account and sign in again using the administrator accounts.

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