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How to Recover Deleted Files on Computer

How to Recover Deleted Files on Computer

How to Recover Deleted Files on ComputerLet us assume a situation when you have accidently deleted some important data like Photos of your Grand Father and Mother, and that was the only piece with you. What should you do then? Just curse yourself of doing this. But don’t curse! Wait there is solution to this problem. So here In this topic of “How to Recover Deleted Files on Computer” we discuss the steps and procedure to recover deleted file. We all know one the data has been deleted from recycle bin, it can no longer be accessed by Window OS. But still the data remains somewhere on your hard drive in the form of Dead Files, which can be recovered using data recovery tools.

What is Dead Files?

The files which are not accessible by average user but can be recovered using data recovery tools are known as Dead Files. There is one data recovery tool which is efficient and reliable.

Data Recovery Tool – Recuva | what is Recuva?

Recuva is a data recovery tool which can be downloaded free from Website . So once you realize that you have lost something very important, just click Recuva and wait until your files are detected or recovered. Once you have installed Recuva delete your file without any fear because now you can recover it.

What are the Steps to Recover Deleted files from Recuva Software?

  1. Once you have clicked Recuva, it will show a wizard explaining about the software and its uses. Then you click on next button.
  2. After clicking the next button, a wizard will appear which ask you to select the type of file your have lost. The options available are – picture, music, document, video, Compressed, Emails and others. After selecting the file type click on next button.
  3. In next wizard or window, you will be asked to select the file location; where were the files being lost. Select the correct option and click next.
  4. Now Recuva will search for all available dead files. This will take not more than few seconds.
  5. Once the Recuva found the dead file, it will analyze to find out the damage percentage. If the dead file has been overwritten by new files, it may not be possible to recover the file. However if not overwritten, it can be recovered easily.
  6. So to recover file click on the recover button given below in the wizard.

Few Recommendations from Recuva

It is recommended that after recovering files, you should save them in a drive other than the place where Original files were Placed or kept.

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