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How to recover corrupted file and Data from USB

How to recover corrupted file and Data from USB

How to recover corrupted file and Data from USBHow to recover corrupted file and Data from USB- Many time we used to store our data in and important files in USB flash drive. User can become unable to access such data and files. They just become corrupted and user can’t recover data normally. Here, in this article we are about to discuss how to recover corrupted file and data from USB using CMD. CMD is also known as Command Prompt.

How to recover corrupted file and Data from USB using CMD.

File gets corrupted due to various factors like File Table Corruption, Virus and a lot more. User can recover the file without using any 3rd party software. We can recover file using Command Prompt.

To recover file using CMD follow these steps:-
Open CMD and run it as Administrator. To run CMD as administrator follow these steps.
Type CMD in search bar. In the result we will see CMD.
Right Click on it from the result. In the context menu select Run as Administrator.
After that type the following command and press enter.

Chkdsk e: /r
It will enable built in Disk Error Checker or check disk utility. This will check and repair potential file table corruption.

  • It will enable chkdsk tool and check for disk structure corruption.
  • Here “e” shows the location of folder.i.e. Where to check for the folder.

User has to check for the folder location of USB drive and enter the exact location of folder.

  • Here “/r” parameter shows the bad sectors and tries to recover the information.

This will check for the exact location of corrupted file and tries to recover it.
Once the procedure is completed. User has to use built in attrib.exe tool to recover files. These files are made inaccessible by themalware.
Now run the following command in CMD window and press enter.

attrib -h -r -s /s /d e:\*.*

it will start a sync process of folder. User can also check whether he can access the folder or not.
User can also recover the information using free data recovery software. We are going to list few free data recovery software.

Free USB driver recovery software.

  1. Recuva: – it is a free file recovery software tool. This application is designed by Piriforms Recuva.

This application allows us to restore users file in NTFS or FAT file allocation system. Using this tool user can recover any file from any folder location. Operating this file is quite easy. User needs to select the file he wants to recover and then select the location of folder. This process is restricted to certain folders.

  1. R2FD Recover software.

This software enables user to recover lost or misplaced files. A very interesting factor of R2FD is it doesn’t require installation.
User can download its .exe file. Double click on it and run its main window.
This software shows two options.

  • Erasing all root executable file
  • Recovering files. User can also skip the first step to just retrieve the missing file.

It creates a folder called “USBFILES”. When finds the desired file.

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