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How to Record Game Video Clips on Window 10 PC

How to Record Game Video Clips on Window 10 PC

How to Record Game Video Clips on Window 10 PC – Our window 10 OS helps us to record clips or interesting scenes during game play. It means we can record or store the clips using window 10 Record game feature at any time during video play. So we can capture favourite moments in Game video without any rush. These captured videos are then shared with your friend circle or social media and xbox. Window 10 allows you to record the clip which was just happened or going on now. You can trim it further which should be used according to user demand. In this article we will provide you steps to capture clips as per demand.

  1. Capture Clips which was just happened – Open the Game and Press Window logo key + G to open game bar. Go to settings and select “Record game in the background”. During play press Window logo + ALT + G to save game clip for last 30 seconds.
  2. Capture Clips which is going on – During game play press the windows logo key + ALT + R to or start a recording. If you press these keys one again the recording will stop. If these steps do not work, then look for the option to run the game on Windows.
  3. Trim your best Clip

When the user recorded the clip, they can trim it according to choice. This is done with the help of Xbox app. You can trim any particular moment present on full game video. To do so – open the Xbox app and select Game DVR. Everything you record using Game bar is listed under “On this PC”. Now it is ready to share with your friend circle or social media or Xbox.

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