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How to Protect your Windows against Ransomware attacks

How to Protect your Windows against Ransomware attacks

How to Protect your Windows against Ransomware attacks – We have heard about threat posed by Ransomware in the past. The Ransomware attack was the next after WannaCry attacks in the Month of May, 2017. So, in order to protect system from attacks, the security experts and manufactures need to concern. They indulged more and created many protective walls against these severe attacks.

There are many free Anti Ransomware tools available in the market today. The most reliable one is the AppCheck Anti Ransomware. It is very much simple to install the setup and be sure that real time protection and MBR protection value is ON. The article will focus on features of the AppCheck Anti-Ransomware.

Some of the features of AppCheck Anti-Ransomware is explained below –

  • RansomShelter

It is indulged in creating backup files from time to time. Although we have mechanism to backup files in Windows but RansomShelter is different. It protects the backup data during Ransomware attack, despite only creating backup.

  • Self-Protection tool –

What will happen when Ransomware attacks the AppCheck application itself. In that case the AppCheck tool will protect itself saving its own files.

  • Proactive Protection against Ransomware and damaged files

The Ransomware attack would lock data till you pay the ransom amount. In such case user can’t log on to the machine and recover the backup data. In that case AppCheck helps you to detect the known behavior of Ransomware and roll back changes using CARB engine. So, recovery can be done despite being affected by the Ransomware attacks.

  • MBR/GPT Protection – The Ransomware attack would affect the two main files of the system making it difficult to reuse the system in any manner. These files are MBR (Master Boot Record) and GPT (GUID Partition Table). The tool would protect the system by thwarting almost any attempt by Ransomware to hijack your system.

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