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How to Protect PC from Ransomware malware Attack

How to Protect PC from Ransomware malware Attack

How to Protect PC from Ransomware malware Attack – You have heard about popular Ransomware attack on computers via Internet, which restrict access to victim’s own file and force user to pay money to regain access to computers. This malware affected millions of computer users by blocking accessibility. Ransomware had targeted all types of PCs – home PC, PC on an enterprise network, Servers etc. In this article we will focus on mechanisms – How a computer gets affected? , How we can keep our PC safe? , What to do if you suspect that you are affected? , What to do if you are actually gets affected? And what to do if you have accidently paid money? So we will emphasis on each topic one by one in simple and precise language.

How to Protect PC from Ransomware malware Attack

How do Ransomware attack victim’s computer?

Some of the ways you can get infected by ransomware are —

  1. By visiting unsafe, suspicious and fake websites.
  2. By opening emails or email attachments of peoples you don’t know.
  3. By following malicious or bad links attached with Emails, Facebook, Twitter, Skype or other social media posts.
  4. By accessing fake email and webpages which are bad spelled or unusual looks. The email or webpage link’s name will look strange or duplicate of any authorised company or firm name.

How to Protect PC from Ransomware malware attack?

  1. Make sure your PC is up to date with the latest version of Windows. You must regularly update windows completely.
  2. To protect your PC from viruses and malware, turn On Windows Defender Antivirus.
  3. Backup the files and folder present on your PC regularly.
  4. Turn on File History, if it has not been turned on by the Manufacturer.
  5. Maintain two copies of your PC data using storage available on computer.

What to do if you suspect that you are affected by ransomware?

In such case user has to use antimalware program such as Windows Defender Antivirus which is available in your PC. Be aware about any new malware on news or advertisement notices. Ransomware infection is not affected until you get any notification or message demanding money to regain access to your PC or files. Or we can understand attack validation, when we do not get access to our own computer. If you are affected then follow the step given below.

  1. Try to recover all your files offline. You can also take help of Backup and Restore in Window 10.
  2. Go offline and try to clean you PC with the help of Windows Defender Offline completely.
  3. Do not pay money in hastily, because there is no guarantee that after paying you can access all your files or computer.

What to do if Ransomware asked money get paid?

In such case user has to immediately contact their bank and your local authorities. You may ask your bank to block Credit card/ Debit card to avoid transaction and return your money. You may contact your nearest cybercrime police authority and file your complain.

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