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How to Project Android Phone Screen on Windows PC

How to Project Android Phone Screen on Windows PC

Project Android Phone Screen on Windows PC – Four out of Five of us have Smartphones in our Pocket. We spend lots of time on Smartphone utilities like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube and other interesting Apps. These Smartphones are tremendously used due to Android Operating System installed in it. Android OS is one the successful mobile based OS running in the market.

On the Other side, Microsoft is emphasizing on features to ease Android user’s connectivity with it. Microsoft has done lots of improvement for mobile utilities to the Windows 10 version 1809. With this upgradation, we can easily project Android phone screen on Windows PC. The extensive use of such features is seen on Digital Smart TVs Today. The introduction of Wi-Fi feature makes more reliable and user friendly.

So, if you are boredom with 5-6-inch Android Screen and want to mirror it on Computer screen, then read the full article to know the process, how to project android phone screen on Windows PC. The process is divided into three sections. We need to adjust settings on PCs, Smartphones and Operational App.

Procedure to Project Android Phone Screen on Windows PC

Procedure1: Install Your Phone App from Microsoft Store (PC Side)

Procedure2: Install Your Phone App from Play Store (Android Side)

Procedure3: Browse Android Content from Your Phone App

Procedure to Project Android Phone Screen on Windows PC

Procedure1: On PC Side, Open Microsoft Store and search for Your Phone App. It is free of cost and downloaded in few seconds. Install the “Your Phone” App. Login with Microsoft Account credentials and hit Enter. The App will ask you to enter the Mobile number inserted inside the Android Phone. The app will automatically send you a message containing link for downloading parallel Your Phone app.

Procedure2: On Android Side, Open the message and click on link given there. As a result, it will take you to Play Store. Download & Install the “Your Phone” app from Play Store. Login with the same Microsoft Account credential as done on PC. Follow the wizard and grant all permission asked by “Your Phone” App. When all done, your PC & Mobile is ready to connect with each other.

Procedure3: Return back to the PC. Open the “Your phone” app again and wait till it automatically detects your Android Phone. After detecting, the PC will send an intimation to Android phone asking permission. Click on Allow to successfully establish a connection between Android Phone & Windows PC. On the App Side, you can browse only two things. You can browse Photos & Messages Only. In the Photo section, you can open any photo available on phone memory. You can Copy or Share them with your friends. In the message section, you can see all the Inbox messages (recent) available. Since, Microsoft is planning to upgrade this App upto major extent so that all other works can also be done easily.

Hope this works you lot!

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