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How to Organize & Group Apps in Windows PC

How to Organize & Group Apps in Windows PC

How to Organize & Group Apps in Windows PC – The window users can organise and design their own useful application with the help of features available on PC. They can organised applications as per need and compliance of project and work. This is useful technique by which we can save our precious time in search on items. The technique is quite simple and precise which are illustrated below. The apps which people think are useful may be email updates, new appointments, weakened weather and others. In this article we will emphasis on techniques to organise and Group useful apps windows.
How to Organise your Apps in Windows PC

The task can be done by Pin apps to Start menu. The user required to go to start button and press and hold the app you want to pin. Then select pin to start. Now once you have pin new app, resize it. In order to resize Press and hold the App title and select Resize and choose the size you want. If you do not want to go through such path, then you may drag and drop apps from the list to pin them to start menu as tiles. This step is quite easy to do even for those who are not trained users. Now after setting, all the apps which you regularly use are tiled one after another in presented manner. One more idea to organise your apps is grouping of your apps. The user can create a group after they successfully pinned the application.

How to Group your Apps in Window PC

Group of apps make them in an organised manner suitable to increase the efficiency of work. To create a new group of tiles, user have to move an apps tile up or down till a group divider appears and then release the tile. For perfect productivity move apps in or out of the group to organise. If you want to create a new group name, select the open space above your new group and type a name.

So these are the procedure to organise and group your apps in window PC.

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