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How to Optimize CPU Memory Hard Disk Usage

How to Optimize CPU Memory Hard Disk Usage

Optimize CPU Memory Hard Disk Usage – Most of us are using Laptops or PCs to ease complex work. Computers are mainly used to accomplish a task in less time frame. This is the core concept behind usage of millions of computers around the world. To do a task in seconds is due to the presence of large number of components inside it. The weightage of hardware as well as software make it sustainable and reliable.

How to Optimize CPU Memory Hard Disk Usage

The Brain of Computer, CPU with Memory utilizes the hardware added to the System. The level of CPU, Memory, Hard disk Usage depends upon the work being performed by the System. There must be consistency in the usage of CPU, Memory, Hard Disk, etc. Sometimes, it is seen that high CPU usage involves in performing an easy task. So, we need to optimize the usage of these components. There is an executable file called NTOSKRNL.exe which is responsible for usage optimization.

What is NTOSKRNL.exe? Kernel Image

NTOSKRNL stands for NT Operating System Kernel. This is a kernel based executable file responsible for many system-based processes. It provides the kernel and executive layers of the Windows NT kernel space. It is responsible for various system services such as hardware abstraction, process and memory management. The NTOSKRNL file also reduces the overall memory usage by compressing the old memory pages.

Now in order the optimize of usage of CPU, Memory, drive we need to perform some fixes. There is few troubleshooting which must be performed to optimize the system. Read the full article to know how to Optimize CPU Memory Hard Disk Usage.

Procedure to Optimize CPU Memory Hard Disk Usage

Procedure1: Update installed Drivers

Procedure2: Troubleshoot in Clean Boot mode

Procedure3: Repair System Image using DISM

Procedure4: Remove the Malware on Computer

Procedure5: Remove unnecessary program

Procedure6: Perform Performance Troubleshooter

How to Optimize CPU Memory Hard Disk Usage

Procedure1: The drivers installed must be updated regularly. If any issues arise between OS & Driver then it will show such type of optimization error. Go to search bar and type Device Manager. Click on it to open. In Device Manager Window you will see a list of drivers associated with hardware attached in PC. Right click on each driver and select the option “Update Driver Software“. A new window will open asking two options for updating driver. The first option says “Search automatically for updated driver software“. The second option says “Browse my computer for driver software“. Select the option which suits you best.

Procedure2: Sometimes a third-party app might block the System Restore execution. So, we need to find out the application which is blocking the System Restore procedure. For this, we have to Start PC in Clean Boot Mode. Open system with administrative privilege. Press “Win+R” to open Run Command Window. Type msconfig.exe & press enter to open System Configuration Window.

Procedure3: This will work if Windows image is not working. Run DISM tool to update the files and correct the problem. Open Command Prompt with administrative privilege. Enter Dism/Online/Cleanup-Image with following switches.

Dism/Online/ Cleanup-Image/ ScanHealth

Dism/ Online/ Cleanup-Image/ CheckHealth

Dism/Online/ Cleanup-Image/ RestoreHealth

Procedure4: Sometimes, Malware might affect the System especially NTOSKRNL.exe File, resulting optimization issue. It is best to run a reliable Antivirus throughout the System memory. Check the location of NTOSKRNL.exe file residing in the System. The location would be C:\Windows\System32 folder. Check if any unwanted file residing there with high memory catch up. Delete such file and check if problem is solved.

How to Optimize CPU Memory Hard Disk Usage

Procedure5: Uninstall any types of unwanted executable file acquiring too much RAM & hardware. Uninstall such files and check if problem is solved.

Procedure6: We can run performance troubleshooter in this case. The troubleshooter will fix many types of normal issues causing interruption. You need to open run command window and Type the following command & press enter. à
Msdt.exe/ id PerformanceDiagnostic

Follow the troubleshooter wizard till end.

Hope this helps you lot!

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