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How to make Windows 10 PC more Faster

How to make Windows 10 PC more Faster

How to make Windows 10 PC more Faster – We all want that our system must be faster enough to perform all operations. We want that our system should perform quick start, fast run and swiftly turn off. Is it possible to get such type of computer? Answer is yes. Our automated computer after purchase would not perform like that but techniques can let it do. In this article there are many steps that can be performed to make a system faster.

Procedures to make your Windows PC faster?

  1. Remove Pre-installed Crapware instantly – You need to remove any crapware which may be available on your new Computer.
  2. Restrict the number of Start ups – Kill those startups except antivirus which you are not using on your windows.
  3. Reduce the visual effects – Go to control panel and search for Visual Effects. Under performance options, you can adjust for best performance or check or uncheck the options manually.
  4. Defragment Drives regularly.
  5. You can check available hard disk for errors prevailing by using tool called CHKDSK.
  6. Use High performance power options.
  7. Delete the junk files, clean registry & optimize windows.
  8. You may change your System startup options
  9. You can schedule your processor to give you the best performance while using Programs or for Background Processes.
  10. Performance Information and tools – you can use this tool to identify programs, features, drivers slowing down a fast startup, shutdown or hibernation.
  11. Use inbuilt Windows boot performance Diagnostics
  12. You many Disable or delay loading of any windows services.
  13. You may disable Search Indexer through control panel.
  14. You can Disable Transient Multimon Manager (TMM) – It targets at improving the user experience of connecting and disconnecting displays generally for mobile user.
  15. Boot Defragmentation so that files used during startup are clubbed together.
  16. Disable Clear page file on Shutdown.
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  1. ‘To disable TMM, click Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Task Scheduler. On LHS, expand “Task Scheduler Library” then expand “Microsoft”, then expand “Windows” and finally click “MobilePC”. You will see a task called “TMM”. Rt-Click on it, and select “Disable”.’

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