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How to make Input devices easier to perform

How to make Input devices easier to perform

How to make Input devices easier to perform – Sometimes input device like mouse or keyboard may respond slower as experienced by the user. In windows, there are many ways to make the input device easier to use. Despite being mobility issue which are either temporary or permanent, the work do not gets hampered. In this article we will talk about such procedures or task by which we can make our input device perform easier. We will focus on these two input devices – Mouse and keyboard, one by one.

How to make Mouse easier to work?

The mouse work will be easier when we easily track the pointer, make cursor more visible, change the size of pointer, control the mouse movement. There are some custom settings related to mouse as pointing device, which we have to do to make it easier respond.

Path/Procedure – Goto Start > Select Settings > Ease of Access > Mouse.

We have to look for two major properties of mouse and adjust the settings according to the use. These two properties are –

  1. Make the mouse more visible by changing the color and size of the mouse pointer.
  2. Control the movement of the mouse pointer with the numeric keyboard using mouse keys.

How to make the keyboard easier to work?

Now if a user experience discomfort while using a keyboard during work, he can follow some easy steps to work with more accessibility. For such Goto Start and select Settings followed by Ease of Access then keyboard and explore the below options. The options include Sticky keys, Filter keys and On Screen Keyboard features.

  1. Sticky keys – If a user do not want to press more keys at a time “say two at a time” then they can use sticky key options to perform task by clicking only one key inspite of two. For Example – If a user want to use Command (Ctrl + S) by pressing only one key, then he/she has to use sticky keys to operate the same.
  2. Filter keys – This may be helpful to avoid repeated keystrokes during work. During repetition window will automatically inject correct word without user full interpretations.
  3. On Screen Keyboard – The user may use a Virtual keyboard inspite of Physical keyboard. This virtual keyboard is also called as On Screen keyboard. In such case a user is not required to type words or commands using physical keyboard. They have to select the keys virtually on screen using any pointing devices such as mouse or joystick.

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