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How to Increase Your Mobile Battery Life

How to Increase Your Mobile Battery Life

How to Increase Your Mobile Battery LifeHow to Increase Your Mobile Battery Life – Many of the mobile users have experienced that our smartphone battery does not last even a full day. We have to bother more about battery percentage while using any application or videos. So here is some tips or strategies by which you can extend or last your battery much more. So below are some steps: —


  1. End Notification that you don’t need
  2. End or disable location services
  3. Reduce the auto lock time of screen light as minimum as possible
  4. Disable apps you do not use
  5. Turn off your WIFI when not in use.
  6. Turn of Bluetooth in no need
  7. Turn off push email or internet access on your phone while not is use.
  8. Close apps which may be running on the background.
  9. Do not charge until 95 percentage of battery is being used up.

Apart from these you can also download popular apps for battery saving. One of them are 2X Battery Saver. 2X Battery Saver – It display the battery level, usage and estimated battery life remaining in the status bar on your mobile screen, by which it is easily tracked. The most important features of 2X battery Saver is to automatically switch off the Internet application like 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi; whenever your screen is locked. Another application is also there which help out to increase the battery life of your smartphone or simple phones. It is Battery doctor or Battery Doctor Pro – which show you the status of your battery charge and estimates how long battery will last. It shows you the different usage conditions like talktime, internet access, Youtube playback, audio playback and others. The most important features of Battery doctor is that it allow machine to perform a full cycle charge of smartphone battery.

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