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How to Increase Speed of Our Computer?

How to Increase Speed of Our Computer?

How to Increase Speed of Our Computer?How to Increase Speed of Our Computer? – Every Computer user want that his/ her Computer should work faster than any other computer. So in order to work faster the speed of Computer is the main factor beyond this. In this article we will discuss how to speed up your Computer. The Speed of your Computer can be increased by some beautiful window systems. These are Disk Clean up, Disk Defragmenter, Ready Boost, MSCONFIG and Disable Search Indexing.

What is Disk Cleanup?

It is a utility software which allow a user to remove unwanted files which are not in use or can be safely deleted. This feature was incorporated in Microsoft Window 98 onwards. It can delete Temporary Internet Files, Downloaded Program Files, Offline Pages and delete Thumbnails. The user is recommended to run Disk Cleanup utility every 15 days.

How to Open Disk Cleanup in Microsoft Operating system?

  1. Type “Cleanmgr” in Run command box – in Window 8 & 10.
  2. In Window 7 and earlier version – Program> Accessories> System> tools then click Disk Cleanup Utility.

What is Disk Defragmenter?

The disk defragmenter tool is used to defragment data on your hard drive, increasing the speed of your computer. Over a period of time your data gets fragmented and in order to defragment the data in hard drive it has to do extra work which will reduce the speed of computer. The Microsoft recommends to run this utility when data is fragmented above 10 percent. This utility is used in MS-DOS 6.0 and above versions of windows. In order to access this utility go to run command and type Defrag and press enter. How to Increase Speed of Our Computer? .. continued

How to Open Disk Defragmenter in Microsoft Operating system?

  1. Start Menu> Program> Run> and type Defrag.
  2. Start > Window Administrative tools > Defragment and optimise drives

What is Ready Boost?

Ready Boost is a Utility which uses the memory of USB flash drive, SD Card any other portable memory device as cache memory to increase the speed of your computer. The Auto play option play a vital role when you plug your pen drive or SD card.

Steps to Use Ready Boost in Computer?

  1. Plug Pen drive or SD Card or Other Portable flash memory.
  2. Then Auto play option will appear on the screen with more than one options.
  3. The user is required to click on the option – “Speed up my System Using Windows ReadyBoost.
  4. Now when you restart your computer, the extra memory from external drive will boost the performance and speed.


It is also called as System Configuration Utility. It is introduced by Microsoft with Window 98 and Onwards. When a computer starts it processor loads all types of files and services which are not used by the user to reduce the speed of a computer. So in order to get rid of it “msconfig” can be used. It is used to configure how Computer starts and what programs and services load when Computer starts. Go to Start Menu > Run Command > Type “msconfig” > and then configure. How to Increase Speed of Our Computer? … continued

How to Disable Search Indexing?

By disabling Search Indexing, a computer speed and performance enhances. In order to disable search indexing, Go to My Computer > Properties > General > Search Indexing.


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