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How to Improve Wi-Fi Connectivity of Router

How to Improve Wi-Fi Connectivity of Router

How to Improve Wi-Fi Connectivity of Router – Today various electronic Medias and devices contribute a lot for the advancement in telecommunication network in the world. If you talk about smartphones and various technical gadgets which play a significant role in these sector. One thing which is most necessary to establish connectivity between these electronic gadgets and smartphones are Internet. And Internet can be accessed with the help of Routers or Data emitters. Nowadays we are facing a serious problem related to data speed or say Wi-Fi Signals. In this article we will emphasis on 6 easy steps to improve you Wi-Fi connectivity.

6 Easy Steps to Improve Wi-Fi Connectivity

  1. Keep your Router in Open and Unobstructed Place –

The Wi-Fi signal or say frequency flow in the form of wave. They gets obstructed when wall or any other element comes in front of it. Keep the flow free in the entire house without any obstruction. If possible keep the router in line of sight with the receiver.

  1. Keep your Router at a high Vantage Point

The antenna of the router are so designed that it throw signals upward. And the signal required free radius traversal. So keep the router at height and centre of the house. So this should be the ideal spot for the router.

  1. Keep your Router away from electronic device like Microwave over & other

Some of the devices can create interference with the signal of router, making it inefficient. So do not keep such device near the Router. These disturbing device may be your TV or Microwave Oven or other electronic device.

  1. Place Router Antennas towards receiving devices (Say receiver)

Some router antennas are adjustable according to the need of the user. These router antennas on straight alignment work at its high peak. So make sure the antenna faces the receiver.

  1. Check your Router Performance at last

If all set, kindly test your router performance to make sure you are getting optimum speed. These are the few easy steps which a router user has to do in order to improve the Wi-Fi signal.

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