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How to Fix Video Skipping lagging in VLC Media Player

How to Fix Video Skipping lagging in VLC Media Player

How to Fix Video Skipping lagging in VLC Media PlayerHow to Fix Video Skipping lagging in VLC Media Player – We prefer VLC media player as the best media player to play any types of videos, images etc. VLC is more preferable because it can run on any platform with best streaming protocols. It is absolutely free to download and Install on any hardware. It is most user friendly application with its valuable features.

But recently we noticed a new issue while running VLC on Windows platform. The video opened with VLC media player seems to sputter, skip and lag during the video playback. It is mostly seen while playing high definition video say 1080p videos or MKV videos. In this article we had discussed few steps to fix video skipping lagging in VLC media player.

Procedure to Fix Video Skipping lagging in VLC Media Player

  • Hardware acceleration decoding disabling

It is extremely useful for post processing of a graphics card and rendering a decoded video. But sometimes process might clash with drivers resulting in lagging on video playback. We may toggle the hardware acceleration to disable it.

Open VLC media player and go to Tools. Go to preferences from the tools drop down menu. Then click on Input/ Codec. Then search for Hardware acceleration decoding option and disable it by toggling. Click on Save to apply changes.

  • Adjust the video caches value in VLC –

Open VLC and click on Tools. From the Tools drop-down menu, go to Preferences. Navigate to Show settings in the bottom of the page. Click to enable option “All”. Click on Input/ Codec in Advanced Preference window. Navigate to File Caching (ms) and set the value from 300 to 600 or 1000. At last click on Save.

  • Changing the Video Output module –

Open VLC and click on Tools. Use drop down menu to open Preference. In the Preference window, locate the Show Settings at the bottom of the page and then click on option All. Then click on Output modules from the drop down menu. We can check different options as experiment for video output module.

  • Change the Power settings

If you are using battery saver mode to reduce the power consumption, your hardware usage will also reduce. A HD video demands more hardware for smooth playing of video. So you have to change the power settings from saver mode to high performance. Go to Control Panel and click on Power options and enable the high performance mode.

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