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How to fix this file is locked for editing by another user

How to fix this file is locked for editing by another user

How to fix this file is locked for editing by another user – With the introduction of cloud service, we can easily access files, folders, photos from anywhere irrespective of the device we are using. This concept is suitable for Microsoft file hosting service called OneDrive. OneDrive provides user with the facility to store files like Bitlocker recovery key, Windows Settings and other. It is a convenient way of sharing files with the real time collaboration system.

The cloud service is integrated with the Microsoft office which allows user to create and edit office documents. The documents can be shared with this cloud service. But what if you can’t share or access files in real time. In such case a message will appear on the screen “This file is locked for editing by another user”. The basic reason for this error might be –How to fix this file is locked for editing by another user




A. The document was not closed properly.

B. The document is already open and running in the background.

C. The document is shared on a network or being used by another user.

Procedure to Fix this File is locked for editing by another user

Before paving towards troubleshooting make sure that documents are not being used by any one over network. And if it is used then must be open in read only format.

  1. Delete the Owner file

When a document is created and saved, an owner file is created automatically. The owner file is a temporary file that keeps the login name of the user using the document. The owner file include tilde (~) and dollar sign ($). The owner file is present in the same folder which contains the document that is locked.

Search the desired file in the explorer which shows an error message when you open it. Search and locate the owner file preceded by sign ~ followed by $ and the name of the file. So right click and select delete.

  1. Terminate all file instances of Microsoft Office

Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and click on Task Manager. Go to Process tab and navigate to Winword.exe in case of a word file. Right click on it and select End process from the drop-down list. Go to files and click on Exit. Open the document and check if problem is solved.

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