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How to Fix Start Menu or Cortana Opening Problem

How to Fix Start Menu or Cortana Opening Problem

How to Fix Start Menu or Cortana Opening Problem – Sometime user may address issues such as Windows Start Menu not opening, not responding or Cortana does not open. Stay calm and follow some crucial methods provided by us in this article. If your Cortana does not open, it means it may not be available in your country or region, may be it is turned off. Instead of this you can use search and keep going. In this article we focus on troubleshooting methods against Start Menu opening problem. The troubleshooting methods consists of five major steps one by one. These five steps or procedure are attempted one by one if error does not countered by using the earlier one.

Start Menu or Cortana Opening Problem Troubleshooting

  1. Check for Window Updates

Path or Procedure – Press Window logo key + R> type ms-settings> Ok> Open settings> Update & Security > Window Update> select Check for Updates. Now install any updates available and restart the system.

  1. Restart your Window PC which will ensure updation of any pending updates which was not installed properly.
  2. Try the available troubleshooter. Go for Start Menu Troubleshooter, after completion of task, restart your PC. If problem continues go for next step given below.
  3. Create a new local administrator account – after creating local admin account see if start menu opens, if not, create a new account name and password.

    Path: — Press Windows logo key +R, type ms-settings and press OK. Open settings and select Accounts and Sign in with a local account instead. Now type your Microsoft account with password and press next. Then choose a new account name, password and hint and Finish and Sign out.

    Create a New Administrator Account:

    Path: – Press Windows Logo key + R> type ms-settings> OK> Accounts> Family & other people> Select add someone else to this PC. On Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Professional, provide a name for the user and a password, and then select next. On Windows 10 Enterprise, select I don’t have this person’s sign-in information, and then select add a user without a Microsoft account. Set user name, password, hint and click on Next, and then Finish.

    Now make the new account an Administrator Account:

    Path: Under Family & other people > choose account created by you> select change account type> select Administrator > Ok.

    Now sign out your account and then sign with new account created. After all such, if problem exists delete the old administrator account.

    Path: Under Other Users > select the old admin account> Remove> Delete account and data. Restart your PC and sign in with new account again. If problem continues. Then go for next step.

  4. Reset your PC. How to Fix Start Menu or Cortana Opening Problem?

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