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How to fix Some Windows Updates are Pending Warning

How to fix Some Windows Updates are Pending Warning

How to fix Some Windows Updates are Pending Warning – The Microsoft issues regular updates for Windows running on market. These updates include current features, security backups, existing program upgrade, etc. These Update files are bigger as well as smaller. Windows 10 updates are automatic and it is difficult to stop it. We can stop it using metered connection on Wi-Fi. This can also be possible using registry editor. Sometimes these updates refuse to install successfully. This can be due to incomplete download of available updates. In such case, Window prompt a warning “Some Windows updates are pending“.How to fix Some Windows Updates are Pending Warning

  • Delete Pending.xml file

Switch to C:\ Windows\WinSxS\ folder and search for pending.xml file. Rename the xml file with a new one. You can also delete it. As a result Windows update does not find such pending tasks and never shows such warning.

  • Delete Temporary folder Contents –

We can delete updates which are failed and pending using Run command. Press Win + R to open Run dialog box. Now type %temp% and hit Enter. Now a folder will open. Select all files inside it by CTRL A and Press Delete. You can attempt this code whenever required.

  • Delete Software Distribution Folder Contents –

This folder is located in Windows Directory and used to store files temporarily. It store files which is required to install Windows Update on our Computer. So it is required at the time of Windows Update. This folder is managed by WUAgent. It also contains Windows update History files. If we delete those files, we will unfortunately lose Update History. Next time, it will take longer detection time during Windows update.

In order to delete contents of Software Distribution folder, Press Win+X combo to open Command prompt (Admin). Type command one after other given below.

“net stop wuauserv”

“net stop bits”

The command will stop Windows Update service and Background Intelligent Transfer Service. Now navigate to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder and delete all files & folders inside it.

Again, when folder is empty, restart the PC and type below commands one after other.

“net start wuauserv”

“net start bits”

This will restart the Windows updates related services. Now again restart the PC and run windows update.

  • Resetting Catroot2 folder-

Resetting Catroot2 folder will fix several Windows updates related problems. Both Catroot and catroot2 folder are necessary for Windows updates. When a user runs Windows update, the catroot2 folder will save signature of update package which helps during installation.

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