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How to Fix Screen Flickering Problem in Window 10

How to Fix Screen Flickering Problem in Window 10

How to Fix Screen Flickering Problem in Window 10 – Screen flickering usually occurs due to three mainly reasons – Problem with Device Driver or Incompatible apps installed on your computer or Task Manager not working properly. Now the question arises which one is creating the problem, either Display driver or apps or Task Manager. So we have to check each of them separately and based on such information we will fix the problem.

Procedure to Fix Screen Flickering Problem in Window 10

Here we will discuss all the three type of fixation of errors due to which Screen flickering is generally seen.

  1. When Task Manager works abnormally

Task Manager is the controller which controls/ Manages all events or process working in our computer all the time. In order to check if task manager is working properly or not press CTRL + Shift +ESC key at the same time. If it does not work Right click the start button and select Task Manager. After seeing all such settings, if we find task manager is flickering, then it is probably due to display driver. And if we find that it is not flickering then we will check for apps.

  1. When Incompatible app cause flickering –

Now we will check for Next option i.e. flickering caused by incompatible app. There are three mostly known apps which generally aggravate the screen flickering – Norton Antivirus, iCloud and IDT Audio. Such case can be solved by either updating the apps or contacting the app manufacturer for an update.

  1. When display driver causes such flickering

If a user found that PC display driver is causing the problem, then follow few steps to fix the problem. The user has to start PC in safe mode, uninstall the current display driver and check for driver updates.

Path & Procedures

  1. Start your PC in Safe mode and right click the Start button to select Device Manager.
  2. Go to display adapters section, right click the listed adapter and select Uninstall device. Now select “Delete the driver software for this device using check box, select Uninstall and restart your PC.
  3. When computer opens, press the window logo key + I to open settings. From settings, select Update & Security > Windows Update > Check for Updates.

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