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How to fix Restoring Previous Version of Windows Stucking

How to fix Restoring Previous Version of Windows Stucking

How to fix Restoring Previous Version of Windows Stucking – Updating Windows is a good attempt keeping system up to date. Microsoft releases all its update periodically. We are supposed to download update files as soon as possible. Microsoft release several types of update files. The files meant to update both operating system and other products. Sometimes these updates takes several hours while sometimes less too. This depends upon the size of the update files released by Microsoft. But sometimes installation or downloading gets stuck and prompt with a waiting message.

How to fix Restoring Previous Version of Windows Stucking

In this article we will focus on a waiting message generally seen at the time of Installation of Windows Update. The waiting message is “Restoring your previous version of Windows…” If you are facing the same problem, you must apply fixation method given below.

Understanding the situation, there is no any way to troubleshoot from login. Now we have to power down PC directly using Power button. In this situation we require either of the two things.

  • Bootable USB drive in hand.
  • Added Safe Boot in your boot menu

Now restart the computer and hit F11 continuously till Advanced Startup Option menu opens. Now Boot Windows using USB drive. If this does not work, boot Windows in Safe mode and process the same. Furthermore perform the process given below.

  • How to Boot into Recovery Environment

This comes under standard Windows installation. We get repair option directly from install button screen. Whereas in repair mode we have several options like reset, advanced options etc. We need to go with Reset option.

Reset Windows 10 Operating System

Perform a System Restore or Startup Repair

Fix MBR/ Master Boot Record/ Rebuild BCD

This can be done under Advanced startup option. Go to command prompt or enter Bootrec.exe. Now its turn to repair MBR as well as rebuild BCD one after other by entering commands given below.

bootrec / RebuildBcd
bootrec / fixMbr
bootrec / fixboot

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