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How to Fix MS Edge Graphics Glitch on Windows 10

How to Fix MS Edge Graphics Glitch on Windows 10

How to Fix MS Edge Graphics Glitch on Windows 10 – Most of the user uses Microsoft Edge in their system and faces black or white boxes at any time during browsing. The generation of black or white boxes are the type of Glitches which sometimes obstruct the normal processing of computer. There are many possible reasons behind creation of Glitches and black/white boxes. One reason might be incomplete windows updating. Another one might be abnormal graphics driver operation. Other might be due to graphics card changing.

In this article we will illustrates methods to fix all such errors related to Graphics in Windows 10. A user needs to follow few steps to counter all glitches related problems.

  1. Update or Reinstall the Graphics Driver program –

In some cases glitches and boxes appears on the screen due to problem in Graphics Driver. If you have changed the graphics card with a new one, then latest driver would be required to match the simultaneous running. Check for latest version of graphics driver from official manufacturing website and download it. Run the same to update the present graphics driver on system.

  1. If you have changed the graphics card then install/ uninstall the driver.

There may be the case that after installing a graphics card you face these glitches or blank boxes. You need to uninstall the old graphics card from the system and install the latest driver which comply the new graphics card.

  1. Next Either Change the Port or Cable

In some cases problem occurs due to corrupted HDMI Port or cable. In such case install a new HDMI Cable or port instead of the old one. If your graphics card has VGA or DVI port options then try to install that one successfully.

  1. Reset the already installed Microsoft Edge.

If the previous methods do not work at all, a user needs to restart or reset the Microsoft Edge browser. These are the few successful troubleshooting methods to counter glitches related issues.

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