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How to Fix Microsoft Excel Blank Document Opening

How to Fix Microsoft Excel Blank Document Opening

How to Fix Microsoft Excel Blank Document Opening – Microsoft Excel is an amazing database tool for performing various types of operations including Mathematical Calculation, data storage, data fetching, data linking and others. Suppose you have created an excel sheet for your company project and want to use it in future. But when you open the sheet you get disturb due of opening of blank sheet instead of created one. In such case the spreadsheet appears to be hidden. You try again and again but result is the same. Don’t worry we help you to recover your created project excel file.

How to Fix Microsoft Excel Blank Document Opening

There may be some issues which might be blocking the software to open up the spreadsheet. In this case most of the options in the ribbon are blocked out. There is no any straight forward method to handle the problem. Here we are suggesting some hit and trial methods to solve the error. The user needs to follow each method one by one till end to solve the issue. There are six troubleshooting methods to fix Microsoft excel blank document opening.

  1. Start Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) –

The DDE is responsible for informing particular software that a file with the extension you support is requested to open. If in case DDE is turned off the Excel will open but it will not load the spreadsheet you are expecting to.

  1. Start Microsoft Excel
  2. In the File Ribbon Click on Excel Options
  3. Next Go to Advanced section.
  4. Scroll to General option where you find “Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)”. Perform check if “Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)” is unchecked. If it is checked then uncheck the same.
  5. Go for Hide/Unhide Spreadsheet options –

Open the excel file and go to view panel, where you have options to hide/ unhide a spreadsheet. Perform check/ uncheck on hide option to check if problem is solved.

  1. Go for Excel Add-Ins –

Add-Ins contains different functionalities which are added to the software. In case this add-ins might interfering with normal functioning of excel. Check the recent add-ins which is causing the problem. Open File Ribbon and go to options. On left side you will find Add-ins, click it. If there is any active add-ins turned off, check it one by one to solve the problem.

  1. Perform Toggle Hardware Accelerations Off
  2. Office Installation Repair
  3. Check File Associations

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