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How to Fix Microsoft Account Payment related issues

How to Fix Microsoft Account Payment related issues

How to Fix Microsoft Account Payment related issues – Windows users enjoy several Microsoft services and products including Xbox, Office 365 and others. They have to make payment for these services and products online. They need a valid Microsoft account to make payment with ease. But sometimes you may face problems with the Microsoft payments or the billing system. In such case either contact Microsoft or take help from our article to sort out payment related issues.

How to Fix Microsoft Account Payment related issues

Read the full article to know more about the procedures or tips to solve Microsoft account payment related issue. Since to add payment mode and managing them would be possible when you have a valid Microsoft account. So, before proceeding make sure you must have a valid account.

Procedure to Fix Microsoft Account Payment related issues

  • Add a new payment method – Manage payment mode using “add a payment option” button. It allows user to add a valid payment option while purchasing as well.
  • Management of money in your Microsoft Account – You can manage money in your Microsoft account by following few steps given below.
  1. Purchase product with money in your account – If user have money in Microsoft account, follow the usual steps for purchasing.
  2. Add money to your account – To add money in Microsoft account buy a gift card of that account from the gift card page. You need to enter the details and refer to the redeem page where amount will be credited to your Microsoft account balance.
  3. Payment to earlier subscription dues – This can easily be done by login to the services and subscription page.
  • Manage Expiry Cards – You can update them on the payment page link given here. Click to Manage
  • Check the Order Status- You can check the history order status using link given her. Click to Check
  • What to do if Bank doesn’t authorize the purchase. In such case contact the respective bank.
  • What to do if you are unable to buy an app on Microsoft Store. This is due to unavailability of internet connection of specific region.

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