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How To Fix Download Failed Virus Detected Message

How To Fix Download Failed Virus Detected Message

How To Fix Download Failed Virus Detected Message – We wish to download files from our favourite as well as other website too. The browsers we use to download these files are Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, Edge, etc. But sometimes download obstruts with an error message being displayed on the screen. The name of error message is different for different browsers. Like “Download Failed – Virus detected” for Chrome users, “[Filename] contained a virus and was deleted” for Microsoft Edge users, “Malware detected” for Explorer, etc. In all cases Windows Defender Antivirus is trying to protect your system from potentially malicious download.

What does Antivirus Program do?

Today antivirus plays a significant role in curbing virus related issues. These trusted antivirus programs safeguard your system from security threats. These antivirus tools impede the user from downloading untrusted software. To protect system from cyber crime, it is a good practice to have antivirus software installed and up to date. It alert users about the malicious files contained in the software you wish to download. The websites from where you wish to download files might be malicious or malicious free. The Windows defender antivirus regularly updates the virus and spyware definitions from Microsoft. How To Fix Download Failed Virus Detected Message.

Fixation to “Download Failed Virus Detected” Message.

But if you have trust about the authenticity of the source then you can set exception in your current antivirus program. This exception can be set on any of the antivirus using settings. We recommend our users to use Microsoft Windows Defender because it is a built in protection mechanism that removes viruses and other unwanted files from the system. These security programs block the file download on windows to protect from the security breach.

How To Fix Download Failed Virus Detected Message

Methods to Set Exception on Windows Defender Antivirus Software –

  • Open the Windows Defender Security Center
  • Click on Virus & threat protection shield
  • Navigate on Scan history
  • If you see a file in the Quarantined threat section, identify and add the file to the list of exclusions, by selecting Allow Item. After that you will see the file under allowed threats row.
  • Now perform download and check if problem is solved.

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