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How to Fix Black or Blank Screen Problem

How to Fix Black or Blank Screen Problem

How to Fix Black or Blank Screen Problem – Black or Blank Screen problem appears when something unknown was done with your PC. It may arise due to software or hardware issue or cyber-attack or any other problem. Now the question arise how to fix such problem. In this article we instruct you some troubleshooting methods which help out to solve the problem.

Black or Blank Screen Troubleshooting Methods-

This can be done through mainly four troubleshooting methods which are discussed below.

  1. If We See a black Screen before signing in to window 10
    1. In this case, user has to check the power connection of desktop PC/ TV/ Monitor/ Video output device. In case of tablet or laptop, check if it is in a docking station, temporarily removed.
    2. Delete or update third party antivirus software or program.
    3. Perform easy clean boot of your Computer.
    4. Check whether PC Video card is supported by Window 10 or not.
    5. Start PC in safe mode, simultaneously pressing logo key with R, then type MSinfo32.exe and select OK.
  2. When it occurs after Signing in to Window 10
    1. Use Window key sequence to wake the screen. Type window logo key + Ctrl +shift + B, when it is connected with keyboard.
    2. Reinstall your graphics card driver. Type device manager in search box, and select Device Manager. Expand Display adapter. Press and Hold display adapter and click on Uninstall. Now restart your PC.
    3. Remove and update 3rd party antivirus software
    4. Should perform a clean boot of your PC.
  3. When moving spinning dots appear on black screen – when we see small circular spinning dots on monitor, it means the update are under process. In this case user has to wait until updation is completed.
    1. Perform Restart of your PC
    2. Unplug or remove unused USB device or equipment.
    3. Perform a clean installation of software or program in window 10.

  4. When it occurs during setup or upgradation –

This type of errors are caused due to problem with device driver. In window 10, you need to use video driver given by PC manufacture.

  1. Start PC on Safe mode.
  2. Start > Settings> Update & Security > Recovery
  3. Select Get Started under Go back to Windows 8.1 tab.

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