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How to Fix APC_INDEX_MISMATCH Stop code in Window 10

How to Fix APC_INDEX_MISMATCH Stop code in Window 10

How to Fix APC_INDEX_MISMATCH Stop code in Window 10 – If you view a blue screen with error code “APC_INDEX_MISMATCH” then this article would help you till end. This article will offer you suggestions that will help you to identify and fix the stop error like this. The error message could be associated by error codes 0x0000001, 0xC6869B62, 0x97503177 or 0x02A7DA8A.

According to Microsoft – This is a kernel internal error. This error occurs on exit from a system call. The most common cause of this bug check is when a file system or driver has a mismatched sequence of calls to disable and re-enable APCs.

How to Fix APC_INDEX_MISMATCH Stop code in Window 10

The error occurred due to installation of incompatible hardware or driver onto the computer system. In most cases display driver or audio driver make such issues on to the windows 10. We advise our readers to note down the name of the file which is failed. In this case it is win32kfull.sys. Noting down will help you to identify the driver and troubleshoot further.

We advise you few troubleshooting steps illustrated below —

  1. Disable the Realtek HD Audio Manager –

The corrupt audio driver file might create this problem. The best would be to disable it from the startup and check whether the problem is solved. For this go to Task Manager and switch to startup tab. Search for Realtek HD Audio Manager, right click on it and select Disable. Check if this works or not, else follow the next below step.

  1. Perform Update or reinstalling display driver

Same as earlier one, problem occurs due to corrupt display driver. Update the graphics driver and check if problem is solved.

  1. Run the Blue Screen Troubleshooter
  2. Check Event Viewer – You can check Event viewer which gathers information about everything running on the system. There you can collect additional information regarding the error. You can easily check if any driver or hardware has failed to comply with the system.
  3. Remove the DisplayLink Driver-

Sometimes this error is caused due to use of dual monitor or more in computer. In such case DisplayLink driver might be creating the issue. You just need to uninstall it.

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