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How to Find Windows Product Key

How to Find Windows Product Key

How to Find Windows Product Key – Whenever a user reinstall its Window OS, a 25 character code – Product key is required to activate windows again. A window product key is a 25 character key provided to the buyer at the time of purchase of Genuine Window Operating System. In case a user has lost the product key, it can be retrieved or obtained through some procedure or handlings. If a user think that product key can be retrieved through Microsoft Company website, then it is not possible. This is not possible because Microsoft doesn’t keep record of product keys for software it had already been sold. The tracking of product key depends upon ways how you get such copy of windows.

Case I – If purchased from authorized retailer

The product key should be on a label or card inside the box that contains window OS CD.

Case II – A new PC running Windows

A pre-installed product key on your PC included on the certificate of Authenticity attached to the PC

Case III – Product Digital Copy available on Email –

The product key will be available in the confirmation email you received after purchasing. It will also be available as a digital license if you purchased without receiving a product key.

Case IV – Free upgrade to Window 10 – If a user has upgraded its older OS to newer OS like Window 7 to Window 8.1, there is use of digital license despite of product key.

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