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How to Find BitLocker Recovery Key

How to Find BitLocker Recovery Key

How to Find BitLocker Recovery Key – What is BitLocker Recovery key – When a user locked out of his/her Personal Computer and as a result cannot access the computer? Then Bit locker recovery key help out and ensure access to computer. If your bit locker recovery key lost then you need to follow some basic steps. These are illustrated below——–

  1. You may have saved it in printout – Check the place you keep your important papers.
  2. You may have saved it in USB flash drive – Plug the USB flash drive into the locked PC and follow the instruction provided. Use different Computer to read the text file when you saved the key as a text on flash drive.
  3. You may get it from your Microsoft Account – Your Microsoft account can help you out from this problem. For this, you have to go for “BitLocker Recovery keys”.
  4. You may also get it from your Azure Directory Account – Here you have to see the device info in your Microsoft azure account to find the Bit locker recovery key.

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