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How to enable or disable Fluent Design System in Window 10

How to enable or disable Fluent Design System in Window 10

How to enable or disable Fluent Design System in Window 10 – The Fluent Design system is a new design language for window 10 after windows 8 Metro design. The main aim of fluent design system is to make window 10 appearing more beautiful and attractive. The attractiveness of Fluent design system is more valuable than Windows 7 or Window 8.

How to enable or disable Fluent Design System in Window 10

What is Microsoft Fluent Design System?

According to Microsoft the Fluent Design system for UWP is a set of UWP features and guidelines for creating UWP apps that perform beautifully across devices, inputs, and dimensions. Our guidelines are divided into several categories: layout, style, controls, input and devices, and usability. The paragraph reveals that it is not a concept or just a set of guidelines but is a blend of appearance, behavior, layout, and scalability of UWP apps.

What force you to convert your current UI to Fluent Design?

The reason best explains by Microsoft official words – Fluent Design platform features are built into UWP (Universal Windows Platform) and help you create apps that are Fluent. Some of these features–such as effective pixels and the universal input system–are automatic. You don’t have to write any extra code to take advantage of them. Other features, such as acrylic, are optional; you include them in your app by writing code to include them.

What are the main components of Fluent Design System?

There are mainly five elements or components which play a significant role in making the system beautiful.

  1. Light
  2. Depth
  3. Motion
  4. Material
  5. Scale

How to Enable or Disable Fluent Design in Windows 10?

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update v1709 incorporates the elements of Fluent design system. To start open the settings app from the WinX Menu. Then go to Personalization settings inside the settings app. On left side of the window you will see a list of submenus, from there you need to choose colors option. And on right side of the page include option to select the color and more options. Toggle On to transparency effects to see the fluent design samples.

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