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How to Enable Confidential Mode in Gmail

How to Enable Confidential Mode in Gmail

How to Enable Confidential Mode in GmailHow to Enable Confidential Mode in Gmail- Gmail the most trusted and best mailing service ever out there in the globe. It is being used by million by people across the country. It is best suited for personal and professional usage. Anyone can create an account in Gmail in a second.

Latest Update Feature.

Few days ago, google initiated a new service or a new user interface with millions of functionality. I.e. Confidentiality mode. User can lock it down using an email and a password.

How to Use Confidentiality mode.

The latest feature i.e. confidentiality mode lets us to secure or email through Gmail. Additionality user can set the expiry date for email. On the scheduled date users email will be deleted automatically. The data of email can be text, image, or anything like that.

User can also use mobile number to lock the content of email. If user is enabling this feature then he won’t be able to retrieve the password without the number and can’t open the message in any circumstances. In this user will get a passcode through which user will be able to retrieve the password.

Another feature is, user cannot forward the message to anyone. User can also disable this functionality by default. We cannot copy the content of the mail and even won’t be able to download any image or related items.

How to enable the confidentiality mode.

First sign in to your Gmail account and click on setting icon and select the option try the new Gmail. This will load the new Gmail interface and follow these steps.

Open the compose window as shown below.

After clicking on this user will get an option like this.

Now in this window we will get a window. Here we can set the expiry date SMS passcode option and a lot of feature.

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