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How to Edit Large Program Files Using PilotEdit Lite

How to Edit Large Program Files Using PilotEdit Lite

How to Edit Large Program Files Using PilotEdit LiteHow to Edit Large Program Files Using PilotEdit Lite- Now a day, thousands of software is being developed almost every day worldwide. About 60-70% of them is being discarded due to faulty testing methods adopted by companies. There are members in every company to perform this testing operation as testers. They also have to edit the designed code while editing a certain program. PilotEdit Lite is an handy tool to edit large text and other programming files. This software helps us to edit, sort, compare, merge, encrypt and decrypt large number of file.

User can use it for editing large programming files such as C, C++, JAVA, SQL, RUBY, PHP, CSS, Visual Basics, Perl, Python and many more. The size of PilotEdit software is just above 10MB and its installation is a bit slow but once installed it works very smoothly. Just after the installation the very first screen is a language selection screen and in the next we can choose the font style, size, color etc.

The user interface screen is not looking so good but still its worthy and can work well.

Editing large Files with PilotEdit.

After customizing the screen option. There is several other options like file. In file option we can select the document we want to work with and then we will be able to edit it. User can also edit multiple documents at once in same manner.

We can also bookmark a window through string window available in the bottom of File Tree window.

For editing the doc we simply need to highlight the text we wish to edit and then click on File and save or can click on save option for faster result.

PilotEdit Option Setting Option.

To configure our PilotEdit Lite Tool we can check it in setting option. User can go to Configure and then to option available there as eight tabs will be available there.  

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