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How to Disable USB Ports in Windows 10

How to Disable USB Ports in Windows 10

How to Disable USB Ports in Windows 10 – In security point of view USB ports or drives are essential. If we have lots of files stored in our computer, then we think of security. The files stored might be confidential and hence can’t be shared. So we think of keeping it safe from unauthorized access. The same security are required in Offices, Work-places, Schools, Colleges, etc. The data stored in our computer could be stolen via USB ports. So we need to block the USB ports/drives available in our Computer/ Laptops/ Machine. The blocking is pretty simple and strong.

To disable USB ports/ drives we have couple of options available here. There are five unique process to block operation of USB drives/ ports in our computer. The process to disable USB port work especially on Windows 10.

Procedure to disable USB Ports in Windows 10

There are five ways to disable USB Ports in Windows 10. You need to follow them according to your suitability and adjustments.

  • Block USB Mass Storage access by changing the registry value.

This process is generally followed by administrators to ensure very tight security. You can also do it using run command windows. Open Run Command Window and type regedit & press enter. Then registry editor will open. Now navigate to the following key –


In the right section of Registry Editor you will have “Start”. Double Click on Start. Then a pop up window will open. Set the value to 4 and press OK. Since the value 3 is for enable & 4 for disable. Now your USB Port is protected & blocked.

Step 1:

Step 2:

  • Disable USB Ports/ Drives using Device Manager

The Second procedure to disable USB ports/ drives is using device drivers available in USB controllers. If you are not suitable with the above process, continue with this. You need to disable one of the drivers available in queue. So right click on it and select disable.

How to Disable USB Ports in Windows 10









  • Disable USB Ports/ Drives by Uninstalling USB Mass Storage Drivers

This is one of the strong procedure to disable/ block using USB ports. What we need to do is uninstall the USB Mass Storage Driver available in our Computer. This type of blockings are generally seen in Schools & Colleges. After uninstalling the driver system ask you to install the driver, when any one insert a USB device.

  • Disable USB Ports/ Drivers by Microsoft Fix it 50061

This process is confined to a special version of Windows Operating System. You need to read the tutorial available here. Click to read more about Microsoft Fix it 50061.

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