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How to disable Touchpad when connected to external mouse

How to disable Touchpad when connected to external mouse

How to disable Touchpad when connected to external mouseHow to disable Touchpad when connected to external mouse – Touchpad is a track pad or eventually we can call it as a mouse. Track pad usually comes embedded with laptop or a tablet. Many users call it as a bit slow or having a less productivity.

To increase productivity, users prefer the external mouse. It also increases the speed and the rate of production. Several users feel more comfortable with external mouse.
In earlier versions of windows basically windows 10.  There was an option in touchpad setting inside the setting option. User can check or uncheck it.  The checkbox states Leave the touchpad when mouse is connected.
User can disable that option to disable the touchpad. In Windows 10v1803 the checkbox option is unavailable.
In this article we are going to discuss how to disable touchpad when external mouse is connected in windows 10 v1803.

How to disable touchpad in windows 10 v1803.

  1. Using registry.

Click WIN+R and type regedit and press enter.
User can also search it through Cortana. To search through Cortana press regedit and press enter.
It will open Registry Editor of our device.
Move to following registry key


Right click on SynTPEnh and move to new and click on DWORD. It is a 32 bit value. Name this DWORD as DisableIntPDFeature and double click on it. Now user can change its value.
Now select the base as hexadecimal and set the data value to 33. Press enter
Reboot your PC.

  1. Using Control Panel.

Search Control Panel. User can search through Cortana or Run Box.
In control Panel Click on Icon stats hardware and Sound.
Navigate to mouse.
It will open a small window. In menu tab select the entry for ELAN or Synaptics.
In the list of option stats Disable internal pointing device when external USB pointing device is attached.
Click on Apply and press Enter.

How to disable touchpad when external mouse is connected in Windows 8.1.

Press WIN +C buttons. It will open setting option.
Move and click on option PC and Devices.
Click on Mouse and Touchpad. It will appear in left slide menu.
In the right side menu panel. Select option leave touchpad when a mouse is connected.
Click the toggle option off.
Reboot your PC.

How to reset Touchpad to default in Windows 10.

Open setting. Click on Device and select Mouse and Touchpad.
It will open a Mouse Properties Windows. In device setting tab. Click on Touchpad setting. In certain laptop it can be ThinkPad setting.
Search the option “Change to Default” and click on it. The option might be different in different brands laptops. In some laptops we will find “Restore to Default” option. Click on change option. It will be changed accordingly.

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