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How to Detect If Your Account has been Hacked

How to Detect If Your Account has been Hacked

How to Detect If Your Account has been HackedNow a day’s most of the internet users use Email Account to keep their confidential data, photos, emails and private stuffs. The information or data stored in email accounts are known only to account holder. Suppose if a data A is there in your Account and known only to you, but you see the data A is known to other entity. You will be surprise to know that your email account has been hacked. So this article naming – “How to Detect If Your Account has been Hacked” will be utmost helpful for you.

What do you mean by “Last Account Activity” in Gmail Account?

Last Account Activity is a Gmail Account features that allow you to get details about when, how and from where your account was accessed in the last few sessions. It will be beneficial for you if someone has been illegally accessing your account.

How to get access of “Last Account Activity” feature?

  1. Log on to your Gmail Account.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom, where you see a link called “Details”.
  3. Click on to details link and you get Last Account Activity.

It will show upto 10 most recent log in sessions. It will tell you the exact date and time, location, IP address of these last sessions. By seeing these details you can observe, how far your Email account is secured. You can match all the details one by one and if problem persists you can check it whom and where it was used last sessions. In order to know more regarding IP addresses of the user go to website –

Alternatively you can also sign out all other sessions in order to end all currently logged in sessions worldwide except yours. This feature will be helpful if you opened your Gmail account in Cyber Café, Hotels and friends computer and forgot to log out. So it is highly recommended to keep track of information in last account activity page on a regular routine basis to discourage any suspicious activities in your Gmail account.

Face book Examples:

Facebook also allows you to view last session logged in details of your face book account. In order to access the all logged-in Sessions the user have to follow few steps, these are – Log on to face book account > Click to Settings > Account Settings > Security > Active Sessions. If you suspect any active sessions does not started by you, then Click on End Activity link to remotely log out from it.

Recommendation: – The Facebook user should enable Login Notifications so that you receive an email whenever your account had been opened by you or others. To enable Login Notification kindly Go To – Settings> Accounts Settings > Security > Login Notification and enable them. This is all about “How to Detect If Your Account has been Hacked” article which will be helpful to Email and Facebook users.

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