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How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently

How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently

How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently – Gmail account is very essential email service by Google Co. to any person on Internet. If provides a unique email address to their users like that of other email service provider. To avail services provided by Google a user must have a Gmail account. In case a user didn’t need a Gmail Account and he/she want to deactivate or delete it permanently, procedure must be followed to deactivate or delete it. The procedure to delete or deactivate Gmail Account permanently is illustrated below.

How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently

Before preceding these procedures, a user need to check the following

  1. Gmail & Google account are not the same. Gmail account deactivation didn’t matters Google account services.
  2. If you use this account to recover another Gmail or Other account, you change the recovery email.
  3. If you have used this email id with your Bank account, Facebook, Twitter & other. You need to change it before deletion.
  4. You must create a backup with Google Takeout to preserve all email data.

Procedure to Delete Gmail Account Permanently?

  1. Open your Gmail account by entering genuine password. On upper right side of the page you will see profile picture, click on it and select My Account. On My Account page, there are many options like Sign in & Security, Security Check up, Personal info & privacy etc. Among those options you will get Account Preferences. Account preference has five option, click on Delete your account or services.
  2. On next page you will get an option “Delete products”, Click it. The next page shows all the active products in your Gmail account. Click on Trash Icon next to Gmail if you have already created backup of date, else click on Download Data button to download all into backup.
  3. Now you need to enter another email address to keep using other Google services (Not Gmail ID). If you click on confirmation email received in your non Gmail Id you will get another window asking to confirm Gmail deletion. You need to choose Yes, I want to delete (your id) permanently from my Google Account and click on Delete Gmail button.

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