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How to customise Windows for better visibility

How to customise Windows for better visibility

How to customise Windows for better visibility – If you are a Window user and have problem related to visibility of screen and pointers, then this article will be beneficial for you. The user getting problem with color or size of screen or need to magnify or minify it then read this page to sort out such problem. Window 10 includes many features and options to correct or adjust such type of problems. The passage is divided into four sections which diWindows 10 Homerectly illustrates four different kinds of problem related to visibility of screen in window 10. These sections tells you how to adjust or correct related problems. The sections include Adjustment of Size and Color, pointers, screen magnification and screen Narrator.




How to Adjust Size and Color of Screen in Window 10

Here you can adjust size of text, Color of screen and others through display settings in Window 10. To do so Goto Start > Settings > System > Display. If you want to use a high contrast theme select the Start button > Settings > Ease of Access > High Contrast. In order to enlarge menu tiles then press and hold the tile you want to resize and Select Resize and select the size you want to choose.

How to make mouse pointers more visible in Window 10

To make the mouse pointer more visible we can change the color and size of it. To do so Goto Start > Settings > Ease of Access > Mouse. You can also add a trails to pointer to see where the mouse is moving on the screen. To do so Goto Start > Settings > Devices > Mouse & touchpad > Additional Mouse Options. Then open Mouse properties window, select the Pointer Options tab and then click on Display pointer trails.

How to magnify the Screen in Window 10

Magnifying the screen enlarges the size of words and images which look more clear and better. In order to do so –>> Press Window logo key with plus (+) to magnify and Window logo key with (-) to minify the screen.

How Narrator will help you to read your screen

Narrator is the built in screen reader that reads text on the screen aloud and illustrates events, notifications, calendar updates during partial or no vision. To do so ->> Press Windows logo key + CTRL + Enter.

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